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The Feeding Program

Due to poverty, combined with the high HIV infection rate in the area surrounding the Dumisani Youth Care Center, numerous children go without a meal on a regular basis. Even though these children may have a care provider, the care providers frequently are overburdened by the number of children they need to take care off resulting in lack of nutrition and inability to pay attention if these kids make it to school. The Dumisani board, with the help of Franscina, our house mother and one of the local pastors, Michack and his wife Emily identified 30 children who were in desperate need of meals. These children currently receive one meal per day from Monday to Thursday at Dumisani. They also receive help with homework during the school year. Our prayer is to increase the number of days we can feed these kids as well as add more children to the program. For $30 per month we can feed one additional child. If you are interested in sponsoring this program, please contact us and we will provide you with information on how to sign up.

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